Asbestos testing lab

To test asbestos in your house. It is advisable to consult with a licensed and experienced contractor rather than do your work yourself unless you have experience working with hazardous substances.

If asbestos is present, you may be at high risk of decomposing the associated disease by inhalation of air fibres when the material is broken somehow when attempting to inspect the structure.

Asbestos, the potentially deadly material used in the houses built before the 1980s, is difficult to detect with an unprepared eye. Therefore, experts also rely on the experience to take samples in the lab before they remove anything.

Although it is difficult to identify asbestos with the naked eye, experts usually begin with the investigation of insulation when they work in the old structure. The material can also be found in floor tiles, linoleum soils and roofs to name a few others.

If you live in a residential community or a residential complex, it is recommended to check the neighbours in the area who has verified by specialists. Maybe their houses contain asbestos and whether or not it has been regarded as a danger; Sometimes the material does not have to be removed as long as it is in good condition and remains undisturbed.

Once an expert collects suspicious samples from the structure, they submit their results to accredited asbestos test labs. There are various methods for testing asbestos, and the most commonly used method is referred to as a polarizing light microscope (PLM).

By using the PLM method to distinguish not only the presence of asbestos but also of what minerals they consist of.